DR Color Effect – Review

I intentionally purchased this serum for my skin break out imprints and hyperpigmentations. I have really gotten an example sachet of this item a while back and go gaga for it so I chose to buy the full size from Althea.

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As the name recommends, the red serum is accused of fixings that are profoundly advanced with phyto red, for example, pomegranate, raspberry, acai berry, blueberry, cloudberry and lycium.

These fixings are said to be extremely useful with moisturization, antioxidation, enhancing skin flexibility, imperativeness and general tone. Vitamin C content in the raspberry is in charge of the helping of the scars and hyperpigmentation.

This serum arrives in a red glass bottle with a glass dropper to administer out the item. I adore how perfect and straightforward the bundling is, and the way that the glass bottle isn’t totally misty, so you can at present perceive the amount of the item you have spent inside.